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Severe Strep Throat & How to Deal with It

severe strep throat Severe Strep Throat

If you have ever been stricken with a severe strep throat case you know it can be very, very painful. What is strep throat really? Step throat is actually caused by bacteria known as the streptococcal bacteria. Even if you have a very painful sore throat it does not mean that you have severe strep throat. This is because sore throats are often caused by viruses like that of the common cold or flu. If you do have a severe case of strep throat some symptoms you might have are a high grade fever of 101. or higher

  • Painful swallowing
  • Swollen tonsils and lymph nods
  • White or yellow spots with a bright red throat

Still it can be hard to determine if you do have a severe case of strep throat. This is because these symptoms can be said to be the same from the flu, or common cold actually. That is why rapid strep tests, or culture swab test is taken to determine if in fact the strep bacteria is present in your body.

Severe strep throat is nothing to mess around with especially in young children. Severe strep throat cases can sometimes lead to Scarlet fever or Rheumatic fever if not treated in children. In older children and adults complications like difficulty swallowing, swollen neck, blood in the throat can occur being signs of it turning into a more serious condition.

How to Deal With Severe Strep Throat

One way to figure out how to get rid of strep throat is to make sure you get plenty of rest. Rest is actually the best thing you can do. When we sleep our bodies heal, and repair itself, so the more rest we get while ill the more our bodies will fight off the illness and recover. The main thing about having a severe strep throat is mostly dealing with the agonizing sore throat pain. One way to do it is to drink warm liquids like soup broth, and licorice herbal teas (You can opt for other types of herbal teas if you want though.) Warm liquids like soup broth is especially good for it not only sooths your throat it also can help restore and keep fluids in your body to prevent dehydration.

Also eating popsicles, or sherbets can also help with dealing with your painful and severe strep throat. Do not eat ice cream though for it contains milk that can often produce phlegm in the throat. There is also the option to take some over the counter (OTC) medications like throat lozenges. If you need something that will last longer you can opt for some pain relievers like Tylenol or Motrin. If you are not improved within three to four days or new symptoms occur consult with your doctor again.

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